1Password for iOS eases one-time usage


1Password for iOS was updated to version 6.8 and includes a few interesting features:

We can't think of anything better to beat the heat than a nice cold ice-cream in the sunshine ... with extra sprinkles, of course. We'd like to think of your one-time passwords as the sprinkles that complete your Login items. Now 1Password automatically copies those one-time passwords when you fill an item with the 1Password Extension, saving you a step and a giving you more time to enjoy that ice cream.

Also new is support for 1Password.com vaults and date stamps for login modifications. For the modifications, this is a nice feature on macOS that lists when a password was created as last modified. This is pretty helpful when trying to figure out a current password if you happen to have multiple saved passwords. It's also helpful for troubleshooting password issues.