Report: Software issues affecting rumored next iPhone's features


Fast Company is reporting that Apple has been struggling with software problems on its upcoming new iPhone. Specifically, the issues are around rumored wireless or inductive power charging and a rumored 3D sensor. The report describes the situation in June as a "panic" as the company races to prep the next iPhone upgrade cycle.

If the company can't get the technology to work smoothly in time, my source said, it might ship the first phones with inoperable wireless charging hardware, then enable the feature later on.

Another software feature relates to a 3D sensor that may be used to identify owners.

Worst case, however, seems to be that if features are not ready for primetime, they could simply be enabled at a later date. That wouldn't be unprecedented as Apple has activated features for shipping hardware in the past. Most recently the ability to take depth prostrate features with the iPhone 7 Plus and also wireless features that require mobile carriers to support.