Scott Forstall gives in-depth talk about making the iPhone


The iPhone's 10th anniversary continues to be recognized with a special event the Computer History Museum near San Francisco. Former Apple VP Scott Forstall give an in-depth interview about the development of the original iPhone. A bunch of interesting bits, some of which have been told before, but some stuff I haven't heard.

The Verge:

He details how he and Steve Jobs first demonstrated the iPhone prototype to Cingular executives just weeks before the product's unveiling, how Jobs helped him get through a serious illness, and how Jobs operated a dastardly scheme to scam the Apple cafeteria.

The scam part was the Apple campus cafeteria allowed employees to pay by scanning their ID. Charges would be deducted from their paycheck, however, Jobs salary was only $1 a year. I'd guess someone in accounting got to deal with that every couple weeks.