Report: Amazon Video may be coming Apple TV



The tech giants, who are increasingly competing for customers' time, eyeballs and money, are close to an agreement to bring an Amazon video app to Apple's Apple TV set-top box, according to people familiar with the two companies.

Amazon employees expect the app to show up on Apple's hardware in the third quarter of the year.

What's interesting is the duality of both Apple and Amazon. Content traditionally seems secondary their conventional business. Music, TV, movies, apps, etc drive Apple hardware sales and similarly, media and media players drive Amazon Prime membership, which then drives retail sales.

Recently Apple has been focusing more on services as it has grown considerably while its iPhone and iPad sales have leveled out. Recently, it seems with Apple Music Apple is taking a page from Amazon in developing its own content to boost its own subscription media service in Apple Music.

It seems to me Amazon would be keen on getting Prime Video on all Apple screens, but clearly there's some tensions as their businesses increasingly overlap. I'd guess each company likely has a different view of what value they add to shared customers and how much they should be compensated for transactions.