Apple TV rumored to get user profiles, picture-in-picture


An upcoming tvOS update may bring the ability to watch TV while working in other apps. Another rumor has Apple TV supporting multiple user profiles profiles.

Who knows about the rumors, but I'm particularly interested in the profile ability.

9 to 5 Mac:

As shown in the mockups provided by the site, tvOS 11 will add a way to handle multiple Apple IDs for the different people in the house.

When selecting one of these profiles, users will see only see their songs and playlists in the Music app, view their personal iCloud Photo Library in Photos, change the app home screen to display their apps and layout, and more.

We have the family Apple Music plan and I wish there was a way to have profiles on Apple TV. That's usually how we play music in the house and the wife's music tastes mess up my music discovery. It would be great if you could indicate who is using the device similar to Netflix. This actually vexes me so much I submitted it as a feature request last year. Maybe some time soon...