Walt Mossberg announces retirement


Well regarded tech journalist Walt Mossberg announced he will retire in June. This follows 47 years of journalism, over half of that as a technology reporter. Mossberg was first to report on technology as a subject and not just in the business pages. He famously had a close professional relationship with Steve Jobs.

And, in the best professional decision of my life, I converted myself into a tech columnist in 1991. As a result, I got to bear witness to a historic parade of exciting, revolutionary innovation -- from slow, clumsy, ancient PCs to sleek, speedy smartphones; from CompuServe and early AOL to the mobile web, apps, and social media. My column has run weekly in a variety of places over the years, most recently on The Verge and Recode under the Vox Media umbrella, where I've been quite happy and have added a podcast of which I'm proud.