OmniOutliner 5 for macOS now available


The OmniGroup released a major upgrade for the macOS version of OmniOutliner. Version 5 brings a bunch of enhancements, but most interesting may be the change in pricing:

OmniOutliner now comes in two editions: Pro and Essentials. The Pro edition has all the power that we've always brought to OmniOutliner, with support for multiple columns, attachments, focus, automation, and so on--and for version 5 we've added even more, with advanced filtering, word count, typewriter mode, customizable keyboard shortcuts, and so on.

If you don't use an outliner app, I'll guess the Essentials will be sufficient. The new $10 price is great and well worth it, I think. A 14-day demo version is available to try out either way.

I regularly use OmniFocus and OmniGraffle, but I forget about OmniOutline. Using a dedicated outliner app can make entry very fast. More importantly, I find manipulating your outline much easier. I do a lot of lists in excel and Evernote that probably could be better handled by OmniOutliner.