Apple Music sees surprising usage with mobile listeners


Some new industry analytics from a firm called Verto says Apple Music had a strong month in February. The high metrics are a combination of counting active users on mobile and including Apple Pay trail customers.


A report published this week from mobile analytics firm Verto has found that Apple Music attracted 40.7 million monthly unique users to its service in the U.S. in February. In comparison, Pandora came in at number two with 32.6 million users, and Spotify took third place with 30.4 million unique users for the month.

If you count Spotify free tier, the service wins handedly as its expected to have around 100,000 unique users per month. It's suspected, however, that Beats 1 on Apple Music may be accounting for considerable traffic.

We enjoy our family plan for Apple Music. I've been a hater of monthly streaming for years, but it's grown on me. I do like the vast library and not having to organize media. One feature I wish, however, is for Apple TV to have profiles for Apple Music. Sort of like Netflix so that users can have their own playlists and discovery data.