Report: Comcast to offer skinny cable bundle



Xfinity Instant TV service will start at $15 per month (which is what Xfinity Stream has cost) for a package that will include broadcast networks as well as HBO or possibly another premium channel, sources said. In addition, Comcast will sell bigger bundles for Xfinity Instant TV that include cable networks like ESPN priced at up to $40 per month, and is looking to offer optional genre-channels packs for news, sports or children's entertainment programming.

The packages are expected to launch in the third quarter this year. It will reportedly be available in larger metro markets.

The service will also only be available to broadband customers, so it will be interesting to see how bundles with broadband Internet work out. I agreed to a two year contract recently with Comcast. If I were to cut the cord and only get Internet service, I'd just save $10 per month. As it is, Comcast's broadband pricing model makes it unrealistic to abandon TV service if you intend to buy content that's available on cable.