Apple files motion to vacate court order to hack iPhone


Chmielewski and Kulwin for re/code:

Apple asked a judge to throw out an order to help the FBI hack the password on a phone used by one of the San Bernardino attackers, according to court filings today.

The company argues the case would set a dangerous precedent by forcing Apple to create a back door to defeat the security on its phones, potentially undermining the security and privacy of hundreds of millions of users.

Apple says the government has misapplied the 200-year-old law to force Apple to develop software that would defeat security on the iPhone used by one of the attackers.

There doesn't appear to be new revelations in Apple's response that hasn't already been said publicly.

Apple's argument essentially challenges the legal authority to be compelled to do what was ordered and such an order needs to come new legislation. Apple also makes the slippery slope argument of what could happen if this order became a basis for legal precedent on future orders.