Insanely Great Mac Privacy Statement

Insanely Great Mac respects the privacy of its readers. As Internet users ourselves, we respect the need for individual's privacy on the Internet. This privacy statement declares how Insanely Great Mac collects and uses data collected through use of its publication.

Insanely Great Mac will not sell, share or distribute submitted or collected information outside of the company or any parent or subsidiary companies. If the company receives a request for information on individuals by law enforcement agents or legal representatives, Insanely Great Mac will comply with such requests where deemed necessary.

Possible submitted information may include, but is not limited to, names, addresses, phone number, e-mail addresses or other personal information. All information submitted to Insanely Great Mac becomes property of the company. Specific stored user information may be removed at any time in writing.

How Insanely Great Mac Collects Data

- Web Usage: Insanely Great Mac maintains activity logs of various types. When an individual accesses our servers, a footprint is left indicating some specifics of the individuals and their computer's configuration and location. This information is gathered for various purposes and is archived indefinitely.

- Cookies: Insanely Great Mac reserves the right to use browser cookies throughout its service. A Web browser cookie is an identification tool used by web services to track usage. Typical use of cookies include log-in procedures for features or advertising. Cookie technology enables the company to better serve its readers and advertisers. While Insanely Great Mac may use cookies to track activities, in no way will the company attempt to physically identify, cross reference or correlate identities of individuals through use of cookies.

- Mailing Lists: Insanely Great Mac maintains a number of e-mail lists. The public e-mail lists are used exclusively by the request of users. Under no circumstances will individuals receive unsolicited access to these public lists. Insanely Great Mac maintains and archives individuals names and e-mail addresses for these lists. Individuals may be removed from the lists by following their respective removal procedures.

- Forums: Insanely Great Mac maintains public user forums. These forums contain posts of individuals participating in various discussions. The forums record the users names, e-mail address, computer IP (Internet Protocol) addresses and any other information the user may submit. Any information posted to public forums is made available to the general public. Insanely Great Mac is not responsible for moderating or protecting content within public forums.

- Contests/Giveaways: Insanely Great Mac occasionally sponsors contests or giveaways. Typically to enter, individuals will need to submit information. Unless specified, all entries will be destroyed after the contest ends.

- Syndicated Content and External Links: Insanely Great Mac maintains links to syndicated materials and materials maintained by other entities. Insanely Great Mac is not responsible for content found on these links. Any concerns of privacy or usage with services found on external links or syndicated content should be addressed to the respective parties.

While Insanely Great Mac takes reasonable efforts to secure its data, the company does not guarantee data's safety or security in the event of natural, malicious, illegal or other unanticipated activity.

Insanely Great Mac may update or modify this statement at any time. After said alterations, subsequent use of Insanely Great Mac services constitutes further compliance of this statement. This document can be viewed at any time at Questions or comments about this document should be addressed to

Document History - Revision 1.2: April 17, 2001.