Apple hit 2008 iPhone market share goal


When Steve said his goal for the iPhone was a 1 percent share, more than a few analysts and pundits sneered, saying Apple was over reaching and wouldn't even come close.

Needless to say, Apple's total iPhone sales to date of 17.4-million and calendar 2008 total of 13 or 14 million easily eclipsed their unit volume goal of about 10-million. Moreover, even as the market grew markedly in the first half of 2008, the company's sales scaled to meet and exceed their stated goal of winning of 1 percent of the handset market.

'Welcome to the year of the Smartphone'

According to ABI Research, Apple corned 1.1 percent of the mobile phone market last year, which is no mean feat.

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Source: ABI Research

"While [Samsung, LG and Nokia] dominate the global market, it probably would not come as a surprise to many that RIM (Blackberry) and Apple (iPhone) boldly moved up in the market-share stakes with growths of 0.9% and 0.8% respectively," notes Kevin Burden, practice director, mobile devices, ABI Research, adding that despite a tough economic climate, these two players are likely to continue their march to the consumer centre-stage without dropping their ASPs to bargain basement levels.

Jake Saunders, Asia-Pacific vice-president at ABI predicts that 2009 will be the year of the smartphone. He might be only half right--2009 might just be the second consecutive year of the iPhone...

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