Phil Schiller on the most important part of the HomePod


Sound and Vision and an interview with Apple VP Phil Schiller on the new HomePod smart speaker. He details what Apple feels is the most important part of not only the HomePod, but all of Apple's products.

The most important attribute, and the one we map all of our products to, is user experience. Apple's legendary ease of use and the ability to just plug it in and it works. In the case of HomePod, you just plug it in and talk to it. Siri's intelligence helps you listen to music you love because it's designed from the start to understand music. We look at every product the same way, through a lens of what's going to make this an incredible user experience. We try to create these products, like we did with AirPods, to solve a specific problem, and the same philosophy has gone into HomePod. You don't need to understand how a speaker works or how to speak with Siri, you can simply place HomePod anywhere in your home and start listening to the music you love, and it will sound great.