Office 2016 for Mac adds real-time sharing


Microsoft updated Office 2016 for some cloud functionality. The feature brings online editing that's similar to Microsoft's web-based 365 editors and Google Drive.

When you and your colleagues want to collaborate on a document, use real-time co-authoring to see everyone's changes as they happen. Collaboration is a simple three step process:

You save the document to OneDrive or SharePoint Online, so others can work in it.

You invite people to edit it with you.

When they open and work in the document in Word 2016, Word Online and Word Android you'll see each other's changes as soon as they're made.

I've been playing around with it and it basically works. It's a little clunky compared to the 365 online apps and also Google Drive, but it's nice to have the functionality of the app. Previously, you could open documents inside the app and edit, but you saved changed to the cloud it may overwrite any modifications made since the document was opened.

On that note, another new feature is the applications will autosave edits as they happen, which is essential for live collaboration.